HP Supplies

     Part #          Description                                               Price
     295192-B21      DLT Type IV Cartridges, (7-Pack)                         529.00

     199704-001      DLT Cleaning Cartridge                                    39.00


         Prices shown above do -NOT- include shipping.  Items are shipped
         best way Prepaid and Added to invoice.

         Ohio educational entities wishing to purchase any of these items
         should contact Sandy Houck at the MCOECN VAR for current pricing
         and ordering information. Sandy can be reached at (800) 214-6326 for
         voice, (419) 267-5222 via FAX, or via U.S. Mail to:

             MCOECN VAR
             Attn: Sandy Houck
             Northern Buckeye Education Council
             22-900 State Route #34
             Archbold, OH  43502

     NOTICE: The MCOECN VAR reserves the right to correct any errors or
             omissions in the above data.  Prices subject to change and/or
             availability without notice.

Date of Last Update: 25-October-2002