Who We Serve: Governing Boards

OECN - Providing technology services to Ohio classrooms
Your school district's technology is provided by one of 23 regional Information Technology Centers (ITC's). ITC's are a division of the Ohio Education Computer Network (OECN), which represents technology in 725 school districts around the state of Ohio.

Since the 1970's, ITC's have acted as the technology department for school districts in the state of Ohio.

ITC's provide core services to Ohio school districts such as
Attendance reporting
Payroll services
Internet service
Professional development
Full-service technology consulting
Technology help desk services

ITC capabilities reach far beyond these core services. ITC services are decided by the districts' governing boards. Many governing boards have chosen to add one or several of the following services:

Lesson plan ideas
Distance education tools
Student services
Cisco Academies for Students

Communicate with your ITC and make an educated commitment to technology.

ITC's are solely owned by the districts they serve.
In recent years, changes in funding have made some governing boards responsible for allocating funds to their ITC's.

Funding for ITC's is critical, because ITC's do not profit from the services they provide. In essence, school districts own the ITC and your district is the ITC's customer.

ITC representatives can consult with your governing board at the beginning of each funding period to help you make educated decisions about:

the commitment to technology in your schools
budget allocations
technology available within your budget

ITC's, on your side for Ohio's schools.
There are several reasons to utilize your ITC for technology.

1. Because ITC's operate under the umbrella of the OECN, they can purchase equipment and technology on a statewide level, returning the savings to the school districts. Purchasing on a state level often saves the districts 80 to 90 percent!
2. ITC's are experts in your district's technology. Since their sole existence is to serve you, ITC's know the technology in your schools better than anyone. There is never any reason to pay an outside firm for any technology needs.
3. From fax machines to network servers, your ITC representatives are available to provide unbiased, informed opinions. Once you make a purchase, your ITC representatives will install, follow up and train your staff. The best part? You will never receive a bill for the services your ITC provides!
4. Your ITC is here to stay. Your district can count on its ITC to be available for follow up, training, questions, or for any technology issue they may have. Unlike the risk of working with private computer retailers, ITC's will never go out of business, leaving your district to fend for itself.

Make a commitment to technology in your schools. Support your local ITC.
When the time comes for your governing board to decide funding for technology, please remember you have a ITC available and ready to serve your district.

ITC's are on your side and will work with you to get the best value for your district's dollars.

ITC's are committed to technology in schools and want to see Ohio's schools with the best technology available.

ITC's want to see your district save as much money possible in the process.

Call your ITC today to learn what's available to your school, within your budget.