Who We Serve: School Districts

Learning and Technology, a Fabulous Link

The Ohio Education Computer Network (OECN) is the technology arm of the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). We are funded by the Ohio Department of Education, through your school district.

The OECN is divided into 23 Information Technology Centers (ITC's), serving over 740 educational entities and 1.2 million pupils.

Funding for your district's ITC is decided by a Board of Directors, usually administrative/management staff from each district.

ITC's collaborate with each other through the OECN. Collective issues and technology news are channeled on behalf of ITC's through the OECN. ITC's offer core services to their districts including:

Technology support

The variety of services ITC's provide has greatly increased over the years and now include:
Student reporting services (grade cards, attendance, others)
Fiscal services
Lesson plan ideas
Staff development
Technical repair
Cisco Academies

Tap Into Technology, Through Your District's ITC.
ITC's support your school's technology department. Each ITC is staffed with experts in Information Technology who understand the education and instruction processes of Ohio's schools. ITC's stay informed on the latest trends in technology, what's happening in other districts around Ohio, and act as a help desk for the technology staff within your school.

ITC's do NOT profit from providing these services. Even better, your ITC's representatives work with your district's administrators and treasurers to inform them about the technologies available within your school's budget. The mission of ITC's is to provide cost-effective technology services to their member districts.

Is there something, technology-related, you would like to see in your classrooms? Call your ITC representative!

Make Educated Decisions About Your School's Technology.
ITC's are in place so schools don't need to contact private, high-profit margin vendors for technology needs.

Make no mistake! ITC's are not a dated, government agency. ITC's are your best resource for technology in your school. Your school district is the ITC's only client, enabling them to concentrate solely on your school's technology. No one knows your system better, and no one can provide such intimate knowledge about how technology fits into your school system.

If you have any questions about ANY form of technology in your district, contact your ITC. They are available to provide unbiased, informed answers. From fax machines to network servers, a ITC is your resource to find the best option.

OECN and ITC's - Smart Spending for Your School District
Because ITC's operate under the umbrella of the OECN, they are leveraged with mass purchasing power. In essence, when new technology is purchased, ITC's are given lower group rates, returning the savings to the districts.

Leveraging resources at a state level is very cost-effective. School districts have saved up to 80 - 90 percent when they utilize state-supported technology services!