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MCOECN, OECN, and ITC's - a critical link to technology in Ohio schools
In 1979, the Ohio Department of Education (or Ohio State Assembly) established the Ohio Education Computer Network to provide comprehensive educational computer services to Ohio's schools.

To provide best value, customized technology services to the districts, 23 Information Technology Centers (ITC's) were formed to serve districts on a regional basis.

In an effort to ensure consistency among the 23 ITC's, a "board of directors" was formed to oversee all 23 of the ITC's. The "board of directors" is known today as the Management Council of the Ohio Education Computer Network (MCOECN).

The OECN's ITC's have been a valued resource in Ohio school districts for more than two decades.

Ohio school districts rely on their ITC's to provide core services including:
-Staff Payroll Systems
-Ohio Career Information System
-Equipment Inventory System
-Computer Services & Statistical Report System
-Grade & Attendance Reporting
-Student Fees
-INFOHIO Media Center & Library Automation
-School Accounting Systems
-Education Management Information System (EMIS)
-Electronic Mail (Email)
-Special Education Child Information Management System
-Discipline Tracking

In addition, ITC's provide a variety of ancillary services, based on funding and goals established by the districts' local "governing boards." Governing boards often include Superintendents, Treasurers and other School Board members.

These services include:

-Technology Planning Services
-Desktop Instructional Solutions
-Lesson Plan Ideas
-Local Area Network (LAN) Wide Area Network (WAN)
-Training & Professional Development
-Technology Consulting Services
-Office Automation Services for Administrative Offices
-Network Servers for LAN/WAN and Internet Connection
-Video Conferencing for Distance Education

Funding for the OECN, a Smart Investment in Education Technology.
The OECN is a non-profit organization, dedicated to helping school districts receive the best value for their money, where technology is involved.

The OECN is funded by the State of Ohio.

Relaying appropriate funds to the OECN is in the best interest of Ohio's school districts because:

MCOECN's mass purchasing power allows technologies to be purchased at much lower group rates. These rates are often 80 - 90 percent lower than purchasing through an outside vendor.
MCOECN, OECN and ITC's never profit from the services they provide. Savings are always returned to the school districts.
ITC representatives are experts in the school districts they serve. This added value creates a source of experts at the districts' disposal. This means, no competing with other clients, or paying for vendors' learning curves, or mistakes.
ITC representatives give unbiased consultation in regards to technology. School districts are never encouraged to buy something they don't need, or isn't necessary.
OECN's philosophy is, "It isn't about the latest and greatest. It's about preserving what works and applying the right technology to achieve improved results."

State and district funding are critical to OECN's success.
Continued funding allows for:

A commitment to technology in all Ohio's school districts
Increased, yet efficient, technology services
Further career development for students, technology staff in the schools, teachers and administrators
Enhanced communication between districts and ITC's
District networking, through technology and communication
Highly trained ITC staffing

Reinforce Ohio's commitment to technology in schools. Remember OECN.