About Us

The Ohio Education Computer Network (OECN) was founded in 1979 by the Ohio Department of Education. The OECN is a network of 23 Information Technology Centers (ITC's), which represent 740 school districts, Educational Service Centers, and Community Schools and approximately 1.2 million students in the state of Ohio.

The OECN is funded by the State of Ohio, through the Ohio Department of Education, and by member school districts.

ITC's address pertinent, collective issues via the MCOECN and OECN, creating a channel for collaboration of all 23 ITC's within the Management Council of the Ohio Education Computer Network (MCOECN)

Management Council of the Ohio Education Computer Network (MCOECN)

  • The MCOECN has no governing authority over the ITC's.
  • MCOECN exists solely to represent the collective agenda of ITC's.
  • The MCOECN acts as a "Support Agency" to the OECN. The MCOECN is in place to advise, direct and support the OECN and its ITC's.
  • The MCOECN works closely with legislators to inform them on the value, needs and benefits the OECN and ITC's provide to their respective school districts.
  • The MCOECN also represents all 23 ITC's, allowing them to receive the benefits of mass purchasing power with technology vendors. This means the MCOECN purchases equipment at large "group rates" for all ITC's,  saving school districts substantial money.

         Click here to see a listing of MCOECN Board of Trustees.

Information Technology Centers (ITC's)

  • Information Technology Centers (ITC's) provide technology support services to the school districts they represent.
  • Funding for each ITC is decided by school districts through an elected Board of Directors, which consist of superintendents and treasurers. Therefore, services may vary from center to center.
  • ITC's are an extension of the school districts they represent. ITC's are fully owned by the school districts they serve. In essence, they are owned by their customers.
  • All ITC's provide a core set of services to their districts including payroll services, attendance reporting, email, data processing, and professional development for employees of the districts.
  • Nearly all ITC's are the Internet Service Providers to their districts.
  • Because they are owned and funded by the school districts, ITC's do not profit from the services they provide.
  • ITC's maintain constant communication with each other. This open communication enables ITC's to stay abreast on technologies used in districts around Ohio. ITC representatives are then able to share information with their respective districts.
  • ITC representatives consult with their governing boards, so district representatives are able to make educated decisions about what technology is available to them based on the funding ITC's receive.
  • Because ITC's are experts in the networks they are part of, there is less of a need for school districts to seek outside, private companies for technology services.

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